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Getting Started


Hey!  Welcome to the KL Radio family!  We’re delighted to have you join our international team of talented presenters, DJs and just generally nice people!

To get you started, here is a ‘checklist’ of all the things that we have found from experience that you should have in place when you go ‘live’ for the first time.  We find that these are now ‘tried and trusted’ guidelines to get you on the air, and on the road to internet super-stardom!

But before we get started, here’s a few points of interest about KL Radio:

  • KL Radio was founded by Kevin Lever (hence the ‘KL’) in 2020;
  • The first ‘official’ live broadcast was on 1st July 2020;
  • KL Radio is fully licenced to play music PRS
  • We broadcast 24/7
  • KL Radio is available on our bespoke webapp at, on any Alexa-enabled device, and on any browser at – we are also on most internet radio apps available for your mobile device, such as myTuner.
In order to be able to broadcast for internet radio, you will need to consider the following:
  • Laptop, PC or Mac/MacBook = min 8Gb RAM recommended
  • Good quality stereo headphones
  • Studio microphone (with ‘pop’ filter)
  • Audio interface/external mixer
  • DJ controller (optional)
  • A good quality internet connection (ethernet connection advised)

Whatever software you opt for, it MUST be able to connect to Shoutcast

If you’re a Pro DJ, and internet radio is just a sideline, we recommend Virtual DJ.  There are two versions available – free and Pro.  The Pro licence costs £19.99/month, or you can buy a lifetime licence for £300, which allows you unlimited upgrades free of charge (*correct as at November 2020).  The Pro version is an industry leader for professional DJs, and features pretty-much anything that a mobile (or radio) DJ could think of.

If you opt for the free version, or are using another application, you can use a free piece of software to broadcast to the radio server. B.U.T.T. (Broadcast Using This Tool) is a popular software solution for broadcasting.

For guidelines on using other DJ software, please see tutorials below from the website

Using TRAKTOR to broadcast for online radio


You can play anything really (within reason).  Presenters are encouraged to create and develop their own show formats.

If you are considering a more niche genre, we would ask you to assess how popular it is likely to be with the listening audience.

During live broadcasts, you can only play music that you own, stored as a valid audio file (e.g. MP3, WAV, etc) on your PC, laptop or connected external hard drive.  Before your first broadcast, you will be asked to sign a Code of Conduct, agreeing tothe condition that you only play music that you have purchased, and not that which has been subjct to file-sharing, or downloading from torrent sites or YouTube, etc

Music played from streaming sources, such as Spotify, Soundcloud etc will be muted during live broadcasts, as this contravenes the fair use policies of such providers.

KL Radio will not tolerate the playing of any explicit lyrics, nor anything which promotes any form of racism, sexism, homophobia, or any other kind of hate speech.


KL Radio already has several popular social media channels.   

The links are below:

You may also wish to consider creating a Facebook Group* for your own show(s) for example.

*A Facebook Group allows easier two-way interaction, as members can post as well as group admins/moderators.  Pages afford more control, as only page admins and moderators can usually post.

Our website has been developed in-house, using WordPress.  As a presenter on KL Radio, you will be given Editor permissions to the website.
If you require user permissions, please send a request by email.
You will also get the following, which you should maintain and update regularly.
  • Your own personal member (profile) page – here you can add your own headshot, bio and social media links
  • A page for each show that your present 

Here is a helpful video tutorial on how to get started using WordPress and the KL Radio website.

You will be prompted within the user interface on what kind of content to include in these pages.
We already have a number of jingles available, which you can find at this Dropbox link.  The file is updated weekly with free, generic jingles.
If you’re looking for a free solution to creating jingles for your show, Audacity is a great (and free!) audio editing application, compatible with Windows and MacOS.  You can also use Audacity to create your own customised version of existing jingles.
If you’re happy to pay for professional jingles, then KL Radio has an Affiliate Agreement with RadioJingles24 – click on the image to access the Affiliate Link.
We also recommend KymmyPops at
For album artwork for your show or set, get in touch with Niall Shaw for guidance and assistance
Logos, which you should use on all social media can be found here, for you to download.
Most of our presenters have their own accounts on Mixcloud or Soundcloud.  We encourage you to record all of your shows, and to upload them to Mixcloud.  It’s a free fully-licenced service.  For £9/month, you can upgrade to Mixcloud Pro and also access the ‘Mixcloud Live’ service, which allows you to broadcast live video streams.  You can even charge your fans a monthly subscription free to access your content!
One of our fellow presenters, The Idahoan, has very kindly provided a couple of tutorials to introduce us to the benefits of Mixcloud.
  1. The Basics of Mixcloud
  2. Why You Should Be Using Mixcloud Live

KL Radio also has a Premium account on the platform – for “In The Mix”, there is an extensive playlist of previously-aired mixes available on-demand.  


One of the best things about being part of the KL Radio team is the great sense of community, almost a family spirit, amongst the DJs.

No matter what you need help with, one of the team will be on hand to help you out – not quite 24/7, but not far off!


Pre-Recorded Sets & Shows

A 'How-To' Guide

check Files can only be submitted in MP3 format - our server does not support ANY other file-type

check Sets should be either 60 minutes, or 120 minutes long, with a maximum of 30 seconds either side. Sets longer than 60 minutes or 2 hours in length will be trimmed

check This is radio, and so your set should not contain any profanities, or any content which can be regarded as sexist, racist, homophobic, it inciting any other kind of bullying or hate

check To convert your set to MP3, and to trim it to the required length, we recommend the site below:

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