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DJ Stevie B & The Fresh Princess

Eat To The Beat 5-7pm Every Thursday

A Heady Recipe of Disco, Funk & Dance with a Sprinkle of Latin and a Pinch of Pop!

Swing your Sausages, put some Pepper on your Pizza and Bounce your Baps.

Move your Feet and Eat to the Beat!

Hi, We are Steve and Trisha (aka The Fresh Princess) with a passion for music and dance join us for a fun packed show guaranteed to get you Grooving!

Together for 35 years, we have had many adventures, including:- Working in Liverpool Fun Pubs in the 1980’s, Performing our Comedy Cabaret act around Europe and UK and more recently Hosting Latin Party Nights and DJing for other Latin promoters as Para Bailar.

Dance like you’ve got Ants In Your Pants and laugh until Tears Run Down Your Legs. Invite us into your home and have a giggle & a wiggle with fantastic dance music and tongue in cheek banter. No Entendre Left Undoubled.


Drop your requests in KL chatroom or let us know you are listening in to get a mention.

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