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Jim Henderson

Jim Henderson is a well respected public performer in Scotland and owns a small business providing professional entertainment and wedding, sporting and corporate services across the country.
As a wedding & corporate DJ, Master of Ceremonies, professional Toastmaster & sporting Ring Master Jim has a host of experience on the microphone and as you might imagine, a kaleidoscope of
wonderful music in his tool box.
Beginning his career as a DJ back in 1986, involved in various community and temporary radio stations in the 1990s, and developing his own brand and business since, Jim has grown to be one of Scotlands finest Event DJs and public hosts.
Presently, the Covid-19 lockdown has enabled Jim to re-energise his passion for presenting to an on line community and become well known throughout many countries around the world as a fun, dynamic and energetic presenter who has ‘made a huge difference’ to many individuals, couples and families in isolation.
Building on this success, Jim is delighted to be part of the online KL Radio station community and broadcast his music and charm to listeners wherever they may have a radio..